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Georgi Pirinski Meets with the President of the Landtag of the German Federal Province of Baden – Wuerttemberg
10 April, 2008
National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski met on 10 April, 2008 with Peter Straub, President of the Landtag of the German Federal Province Baden Wuerttemberg who is on official visit to Bugaria.
Bulgaria and one of the most quickly developing German Federal Provinces have a distinct interest in promoting an active cooperation in the EU framework, were unanimous Georgi Pirinski and Peter Straub.
Our parliaments are called upon to support and broaden the established intensive connections on government level, stated the National Assembly Chairman. He underlined that at present our country was facing the challenge to affirm itself as a successful EU member and to contribute to the development of the Union.
The Speaker of the Landtag pointed to the fact that the political and business circles in Germany were following with close interest the development of Bulgaria and were having strong interest in establishing new forms of partnership.
Mr. Straub defined the first year of our country’s EU membership as successful and promising. We are ready to support you in the economic sphere and to provide an expert assistance for the continuing process of privatization, said Peter Straub. The strong side of Baden- Wuerttemberg is its middle class, who in times of abrupt economic changes has always remained stable.
Among the positive sides of the Bulgarian membership in EU Georgi Pirinski outlined the acceleration of the economic connections, the broaden opportunities for work for Bulgarian citizens, the power of the European solidarity felt by the Bulgarian society on the occasion of the Bulgarian medics release in Libya.
With reference to the latest Chairman Pirinski made a reminder about the efforts of the EU and the German Presidency at this moment in particular for the favorable outcome of the case.
Bulgaria is factor for stability in South East Europe and is working hard on the implementation of successful policies for development and cooperation in the Danube-Black Sea Region Chairman Pirinski said at the meeting.
Before his guest he also underlined that our country was one of the first to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon with the clear understanding that in this way it contributes to increase the viability of the Union and the well - being of its citizens.

The Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament confirmed the interest of Bulgaria to profit from the experience of Baden-Wurtemmberg in the fields of scientific research, energy efficiency and application of new technologies.

The two Speakers expressed their common understanding of the usefulness of active interparliamentary cooperation.

Peter Straub was received by the parliamentary Chairmen of the European Affairs Committee Mladen Cherveniakov and the Committee for Transport and Communications Yordan Mirchev.

Mr. Straub is scheduled to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Bulgaria Ivailo Kalfin on 11 April, 2008. He will also have an audience with the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Georgi Purvanov.
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