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The Chair of the Commission on Regional Development in the European Parliament Danuta Hubner met with members of the Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of European Funds and of the Committee on Regional Development and Local Government
“We agree that Bulgaria should invest in the competitiveness of the country’s economy, but investments in infrastructure modernization are equally important” stressed Danuta Hubner at the meeting with the members of the parliamentary committees.
In her statement for the media she noticed that the two parties have exchanged opinions regarding the future development of the European Union. She mentioned the fact that national parliaments are given more powers with the Lisbon Treaty and for this reason she has invited the chairpersons of the   above committees to visit Brussels in October and have talks with the Committee on Regional Development in the EU Parliament.
Danuta Hubner added that in July 2011 the European Commission will present the new budget of the Union for the years 2013-2020 as well as the new rules and regulations with respect to the budget. She said the visit of Bulgarian MPs during the October’s meeting of the European parliament will give them opportunity to voice the position of the Bulgarian National Assembly.
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