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Members of Parliament honor the victims of the heavy accident on “Trakia” motorway with a minute of silence

National  Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva proposed on her behalf and on behalf of the leadership of the parliament that deputies pay their respect to the road accident victims near the city of Plovdiv with a minute of silence.

She extended condolences to the relatives of those who perished and expressed her hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.


At the same sitting the deputies took decision to hold elections for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria on 23 October 2011. According to the Constitution the election of Head of State can be held not earlier than 3 months and not later than 2 months after the end of term of the incumbent president. The draft resolution regarding the date of elections was submitted to the parliament by the head of the GERB parliamentary group Iskra Fidosova, with the notice that by law the possible dates were in the period between 23 October and 23 November 2011. President Georgi Purvanov is expected now to issue a decree stipulating the day for the local elections, which according to the Electoral Code this time are to be held on the same day with the presidential one. The choice of the earliest possible day for the presidential elections is based on the presumption that as far as local government elections are concerned at some places a second voting will be necessary to elect the candidate and in this way both elections are given enough time.

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