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National Assembly to take active part in the initiatives to mark the 175th birthday of Vasil Levski

A National Committee “175 years since the birth of Vasil Levski” was set up at the National Assembly. The marking of the anniversary is to be carried under the auspices of the President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva.

The committee adopted a nationwide schedule of events to commemorate the anniversary. The initiative comes on the part of the newly founded national committee and the Foundation “Vasil Levski”.

“The apostle of Bulgaria’s freedom has always been an inexhaustible source of our national pride and for our unconditional European confidence at present”, noted the chair of parliament Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva at the committee’s founding. There is no other historic person, preserved by the national memory so pure and sacred, she added.

The chair of parliament wished success to the initiatives of the national program for commemoration of the anniversary. She stressed the Bulgarian parliament would support in every way this noble undertaking.

The National Assembly will host of a jubilee exhibition, which will present relics connected to the life and deeds of Vasil Levski. At the time of the exhibition the parliament will hold its Open Doors Day.

An anniversary  newspaper  will be issued with the parliament’s support, as well as a new popular biography of the Apostle. The parliament will participate and organize this year’s scientific conference in the town of Karlovo, dedicated to the 175th birthday of the Apostle of freedom. It will support financially part of the renovation works of the National Museum “Vasil Levski” in his native town Karlovo.

A bas-relief of Vasil Levski was inaugurated in Tokio at the time of the official visit of the Bulgarian parliamentary delegation their, as part of the national events commemorating the anniversary. It is a replica of the bas-relief of the apostle located in the centre of the capital Sofia. The sculpture was donated to the Vasil Levski Foundation by the 41st National Assembly. Japan had become the first location in Asia to host a monument of Levski.

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