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Around 1000 signals and proposals from citizens and organizations were submitted at the National Assembly during its 9th session

Throughout the 9th session the Administrative and Information Center of the National Assembly had received 979 letters, complaints, proposals, warnings, declarations and petitions sent by citizens, local government bodies, social organizations and initiative committees. According to the information 35 letters and inquiries were filed by using the internet links of the parliament in the period between 23 April and 31 July 2012.

116 letters were answered right away, 102 were forwarded for additional check- ups and opinion to the competent authorities, 583 were sent to various parliamentary committees; 178 letters have not been answered because the sender was anonymous, or were lacking return address, or were repeating questions already answered, or such addressing personal or family issues.

The Information and Administrative center of the National Assembly had received 5 petitions on behalf of citizens: one about the Bill on the School and Preschool Education, one petition drawn by the workers and employees of the Lead and Zink Complex in the city of Kurjali regarding overdue salaries and requesting labor law amendments, a petition against violent acts committed on the part of the Interior Ministry, a petition signed by the employees of two enterprises located in the town of Radomir against their planned merger. In the last day of the session the members of the socialist party’s parliamentary group tabled a petition calling for a conduct of national referendum on the future development of the nuclear energy sector in the country and the construction of NPP “Belene”.

There were 5 formal requests for access to public information.

Many citizens had sent letters in connection with the earthquakes in Pernik and the amount of the damages covered. The National Assembly had received a lot of letters reflecting opinions in favor (on behalf of doctors and other people) or opposing (on behalf of restaurant, bar and coffee shops' owners) the amendments to the Healthcare Law concerning the ban on smoking in public spaces. 

Citizens and organizations have sent to the National Assembly letters and opinions concerning the proposed by the Council of Ministers amendments to the Forestry Act, expressing stands “for” and “against” the construction of NPP “Belene”, as well as petitions against amendments concerning the free or partially paid drugs for war veterans and handicaps or injured in war time people.

The National Assembly had received many opinions and proposals regarding the amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act, the Veterinary Medicine Act etc. Complaints of citizens against illegal practices of debt collection firms were sent for a detailed investigation to the Interior Ministry and the Consumer Protection Commission.

Experts from the Information and Administrative Center had answered many of the questions raised by phone or by visiting on the spot, as well as had answered letters sent to the parliament through e-mail, providing information on the everyday work of the National Assembly.  

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