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Amendments to the Energy Act, adopted at first reading, envisage elimination of the transmission charges included in the electricity bills for green and brawn energy

The amendments were tabled by the Coalition for Bulgaria and Movement for Rights and Freedoms parliamentary groups. The changes in the law will encourage the electricity export, will allow the State Regulatory Energy Committee to lower the price of electricity for households by eliminating the National Electric Company’s (NEC) current obligation to buy electricity from all producers. Instead it will buy electricity from the cheapest ones – Kozloduy NPP and Maritsa-Iztok 2. Electricity from other producers will be purchased after depletion of the cheaper sources, explained one of the importers.
The charges for green and brawn energy will be included in the overall price of electricity.

The state regulator will determine the ceiling of expenditures of the electric network distribution operator for the purchase of extra reserves for each pricing term. The purchase will be carried out on the base of tenders.

The third aim of the amendments is to restore confidence in the system, MP Yavor Kuyumdzhiev commented. This is the reason for the new model of price formation and the new package of measures to tackle the crisis. According to him nearly 60 percent of Bulgarians had become poorer due to the prices of energy.

The package proposed in the amendments will give them an easy access to electricity.  With the amendments the deputies have obliged the state regulator to always consider and warrant the defense of the consumers and to ensure the balance between them and the producers on the country’s market.


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