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A postal-philatelic edition entitled "135 Years Bulgarian Parliamentarism" validated at the National Assembly
On the occasion of the 135th anniversary of the Constituent Assembly and the Tarnovo Constitution, the National Assembly validated a postal-philatelic edition entitled "135 Years Bulgarian Parliamentarism". It consists of a sheet of four stamps, an illustrated envelope and a special postal seal.

The first seal on the edition was laid by the National Assembly President Mihail Mikov and the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Danail Papazov.

Minister Papazov noted that the interest in the topic dates back to 1919 and that more than 10 editions devoted to the National Assembly have been released so far. The stamp edition has a circulation of 11,000 copies and was designed by artist Ivelina Velinova. The first mark  features the Tarnovo Constitution, the second - Exarch Antim I, the third depicts the bell and diaries of the Constituent Assembly, and the last - the Constitution in effect today and the parliamentary bell in use. Minister Papazov recalled the words of Levski: "In our Bulgaria all nations will live under the same pure and holy laws ... and Turks, Jews etc., whatever they are, all will be equal".

Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov noted that ever since the opening of the Constituent Assembly on February 10, 1879 in Veliko Tarnovo, and until today National Assembly means Bulgaria, democracy, rule of law. In his words, the postal-philatelic edition bears the feeling about the Bulgarian parliament, passed over the years. The stamps also depict the records of the Constituent Assembly and the building constructed by Kolyu Fitcheto where the representatives of the five regions of the Principality of Bulgaria gathered to adopt the Tarnovo Constitution, the parliament building in Sofia by architect Jovanovic that embodies the Bulgarian statehood and the building on 1, Alexander I Blvd, which is also an architectural monument.

Mihail Mikov thanked the Ministry of Transport and Communications, to Bulgarian Posts and artist Ivelina Velinova for the stamp edition, which in his words would evoke enormous interest among the philatelic community at home and abroad.

The stamps reflect the material monuments of Bulgarian parliamentarism, but its true medium are the thousands of deputies elected by the people whose words, speeches and battles are part of the history of democratic Bulgaria, stressed the Speaker of the National Assembly. He further said that by the year-end the verbatim reports of all parliament configurations will be uploaded on the website of the National Assembly.
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