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Minister of Education and Science Aneliya Klisarova answers topical questions of sector committee MPs
We expect the Council of Ministers to agree BGN 46 million for improving the material and technical base of schools; the aim is the schools to be ready for the next school year, said Aneliya Klisarova answering a question on the improvement of school conditions. Another BGN 172 million is provided under OP "Regions in Growth" for the next programming period, which will seek to modernize schools. Asked by Milko Bagdasarov of PG "Coalition for Bulgaria" on the regulation of the teaching profession, Minister of Education and Science Aneliya Klisarova replied that the profession needs to become regulated as this will lead to improved quality of education. This is enshrined in the new strategy for the teaching staff, she added.

Regarding the increase of teachers salaries Minister Klisarova explained that increasing the salaries of young teachers as of July 1, and of senior teachers as of September is under consideration. Currently teachers’ salaries lag behind the average for the country.

MP Valentina Bogdanova from the PG of "Coalition for Bulgaria" requested information on the retention of young teachers at school. The strategy sets first how to motivate school-graduates to choose teaching as a profession, said Aneliya Klisarova. Part of graduate teachers find employment in another profession. We have envisaged ways of motivating young teachers to continue practicing their profession such as improved and modernized work environment, salary increases and other benefit packages. Experienced teachers also need to be financially motivated to convey their experience to younger colleagues, explained the Minister.

Regarding the problem of retention of teaching staff in small settlements Minister Klisarova stated that a package of measures have been jointly developed with the trade unions, some of which are transport services benefits, qualification courses, reducing the years of practice required for promotion from junior to senior teacher. Differentiated pay is under development, depending on the quality of education.

BGN 4 million is allocated for extracurricular activities that will give children a broader worldview, the Minister said. These funds will expand student skills and abilities that are not related to education, explained the Minister of Education and Science Aneliya Klisarova.
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