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The book "Drafting the Tarnovo Constitution" was presented at the National Assembly
The book "Drafting the Tarnovo Constitution" by Prof. Dr. Maria Manolova was presented at the National Assembly. This is the second, enlarged and revised edition, which is dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the adoption of the first Bulgarian constitution – the Tarnovo Constitution.

National Assembly President Mihail Mikov expressed his satisfaction that it is namely the legislative institution that has supported the publication of the book and called upon seeking consistently for the good examples of Bulgarian history.

At the presentation ceremony the author, Prof. Dr. Maria Manolova, emphasized the role of the Tarnovo Constitution as an achievement through which the country embarked on the path of parliamentarism, and noted that it surpasses its predecessor-constitutions in terms of democratism. According to her, yet in 1879 the first Constitutional Law of Bulgaria included two very important principles without which parliamentary government is unthinkable - the separation of powers, balance and cooperation between them, as well as the parliamentary principle of ministerial responsibility. Those in power should always have a sense of moral duty and responsibility because a law is good only when in good hands, added Prof. Maria Manolova.

Prominent Bulgarian jurist Prof. Vasil Mrachkov concluded that the book "Drafting the Tarnovo Constitution" was written based on historic sources, on the draft Organic Statute prepared in the office of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, as well as based on shorthand records of the Constituent Assembly covering the discussion and adoption of the first Bulgarian Constitution. He added that the second edition of the book presented at the National Assembly is significantly expanded and updated. It covers a number of very important issues related not only to the primary and secondary discussions in the Constituent Assembly, but also to the structure of the Bulgarian Parliament. The draft provided for a bicameral National Assembly with an upper house - Senate and lower house - popular representation, but thanks to the energetic intervention and rhetoric talent of Petko Slaveykov this part of the Tarnovo Constitution was changed, said Prof. Vasil Mrachkov.

The book studies the process of making the first constitutional law in Bulgaria. It traces the phases through which the development of the Bulgarian Constitution has gone: from the original draft of the Organic Statute of the Principality of Bulgaria, through the essential changes it undergoes during the review in Petersburg and until its final drafting and adoption by the Constituent National Assembly held in Tarnovo on April 16, 1879.  The book also traces the changes that some important constitutional principles and solutions have undergone.
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