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Bulgarian Parliament votes Declaration against the blockades held by Greek farmers at the border between Bulgaria and Greece

The National Assembly of Bulgaria does not accept the blockades held by Greek citizens at the border checkpoints with Bulgaria. The Declaration of the 43rd National Assembly is provoked by the deepening of the crisis resulting from the Greek farmers’ blockades at the Bulgarian-Greek border. The declaration was adopted with the votes of all 186 lawmakers.

With the declaration, Bulgaria’s parliament calls on the Greek authorities to undertake the necessary measures to ensure free passage across the border. It insists that all Bulgarian institutions in charge must continue their efforts to resolve the crisis by bilateral talks. It also insists that the European Commission, in its capacity as defender of the European accords and as a monitoring authority of their compliance, should take an urgent stance on this particular case including by initiating an infringement procedure against the Government of Greece. Bulgarian lawmakers express confidence that the crisis will not lead to worsening of the relations between the two countries by fault on the side of Greece. 

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