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Parliament unanimously lifts moratorium on NHIF reimbursement of new medicines 21/12/2017
The Parliament has unanimously lifted the moratorium on reimbursement of new medicines by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in 2018. This was made possible when a bill to amend the 2018 NHIF Budget Act passed first and second reading. The bill was sponsored by the chairs of all parliamentary groups.
The MPs revoked paragraph 6 of the Transitional and Final Provisions, which read that in 2018 NHIF would not reimburse medicines with a new international non-patented name applying for the list of approved medicines, and medicines on the list of approved medicines to be reimbursed for the first time in 2018.
The rationale behind the revocation of the moratorium is to reassure citizens that in 2018 NHIF will pay for all medicines with new international non-patented names.
The MPs also adopted final amendments to the Competition Protection Act. The revisions envisage the right to full indemnification of physical and legal entities who have suffered damages, even if the offence has not been directly targeted at them. The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, which confirms a decision of the Commission for the Protection of Competition for establishing offences against the Antitrust Act, is binding for the civil court with regard to the offence and the offender. A decision that has not been appealed against or for which the appeal has been withdrawn is also binding for the civil court. Indemnity proceedings in the national courts initiated by 26th December 2014 will be completed in the order in which they were initiated.
Amendments to the Public Libraries Act passed second reading. The revisions create a legal power to issue secondary legislation on the procedure for adding public libraries to the public register. This will be regulated by an ordinance of the Minister of Culture. The register will be electronic. Within one year of the adoption of the act, the Ministry of Culture will have to ensure conditions for electronic application for registration and changes to the register.
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